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fermenter bioreactor 10l manufacturer supplier india
Roch Mechatronics Inc introduced world's best Fermentor/Bioreactor system. The BIOSTAT® Bplus are designed to become the new benchtop systems standard in research Fermentor and bioreactors, worldwide. Application driven preconfigured packages for microbial culture and cell culture can be delivered ready to use "out of the box". A comprehensive range of preconfigured packages are available to satisfy the demands for both microbial and cell culture applications.
  • Single or Twin configuration includes.
  • Graphical user interface with touch screen.
  • Trend display with up to 6 process values.
  • Direct balance connection.
  • 1L - 10L UniVessel® culture vessel with storage bottle tray, lifting handles and sampling system.
  • High performance stirrer motor for all applications and UniVessel® sizes
  • Up to 4 integrated peristaltic pumps, 2 external pump connections
  • Application driven integrated gassing system, choice of: - microbial culture O2 Enrichment or Gas Flow Ratio Control - cell culture/dual use Exclusive Flow and for cell culture Additive Low Flow
  • Integrated thermostat or dry heating system
  • Space for Redox and turbidity measurement (Single only)
  • Pre-configured software for system extensions


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We are the most reliable and trustworthy name in the industry due to the following factors:
1>Premium quality
2>Competitive prices
3>Strong logistic support
4>Experienced team
5>Sophisticated machines
6>Wide production area
7>Proper packaging and transportation
8>Satisfied client base


we started supplying our products to the domestic markets. Here our clients praised us for providing trustworthy equipment that helped them in reaching to the accurate and precision results. Gradually we were able to expand our business activity to other countries also. It is due to our supply of consistent quality products and optimum efficiency , we have been to build our presence in the large segment of global markets.

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