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rotary shaker horizontal manufacturer supplier india

Roch Mechatronics Inc. introduced world's best Rotator Shaker is used in blood banks and hematology laboratories for blood typing, cross matching and mixing of blood donor with anti-coagulant, V.D.R.L. Tests and other tests

Operates at 130/180 RPM (as desired) .
Rotates Specimens in horizontal plane in ?" circle
30 X 30 cm platform can accommodate slides, blood bottles, flasks & beakers by use of spring bottle holder
Constructed of all steel finished with enamel paint
Turned up edges & rubber sheeting on platform to prevent slipping of specimen containers
Platform rigidly supported by steel legs for smooth & silent rotation and heavy load can be easily be supported.
Shaker mounted on four rubber suction feet to prevent creeping
1/35 H.P motor operates on 220/230 volts AC only
Supplied with brass ring maker for 12 rings
Without thermometer
Adjustable 0 to 30 minute timer with arrangement for continuous operation (optional)

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We are the most reliable and trustworthy name in the industry due to the following factors:
1>Premium quality
2>Competitive prices
3>Strong logistic support
4>Experienced team
5>Sophisticated machines
6>Wide production area
7>Proper packaging and transportation
8>Satisfied client base


we started supplying our products to the domestic markets. Here our clients praised us for providing trustworthy equipment that helped them in reaching to the accurate and precision results. Gradually we were able to expand our business activity to other countries also. It is due to our supply of consistent quality products and optimum efficiency , we have been to build our presence in the large segment of global markets.

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